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Your Financial Planning Review

About Financial Planning

The subject of financial planning can be very varied, extremely complex and somewhat daunting, ranging from your current to longer term personal objectives, coupled with the vast array of financial planning contracts, their varying product definitions and how these may impact on you, your objectives and requirements.

However at Hockney Stevens we feel that Financial Planning Advice should be clear, simple and straightforward. With an easy to understand process from commencement of your initial relationship with us, including what you can expect from us, to how our advice will be delivered and how our relationship will develop in the future.

The Financial Planning Process

To help you understand exactly what you can expect from us, we have developed a straightforward financial planning process, which places you at the centre and in control of each aspect of the process:


Identify needs and gather information!
Offered to all new clients at Hockney Stevens expense and is designed to provide you with the opportunity to find out about Hockney Stevens, how we operate and our credentials, whilst allowing us to identify your financial planning needs and gather information about you.


Outline our relationship with you!
Following on from our initial discovery and information gathering meeting, we will provide you with a personal letter setting-out your key financial planning requirements and objectives, with information listing how Hockney Stevens will be able to help you manage, achieve and fulfil these financial planning requirements and objectives.

Furthermore this letter will confirm our schedule of fees & charges and invite you to accept our letter of engagement.


Prepare an analysis of your situation!
Once our engagement letter has been accepted and your financial requirements and objectives agreed, Hockney Stevens will research all aspects of your financial planning requirements and objectives, culminating in a personalised tailored review and recommendation report.

This written report will provide an analysis of your current financial position and identify areas to develop and act upon.


Develop an action plan!
Once your personal review and recommendation report has been constructed, we will review this with you, stage by stage during a personal meeting, which will also set-out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives over an agreed time period.

This meeting will also afford the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about our recommendations.


Proceed with the plan!
After considering your personal review and recommendation report and provided you are happy to proceed, we will implement your personal plan through the establishment of the selected financial planning vehicles and associated tools to turn your plans into reality.


Monitoring and management!
Where an on-going service is agreed, we will review your financial plan to make sure it is on track with your objectives.

Reviews will be at regular intervals agreed with you.

Reviews will take into account any changes in your circumstances, investment contracts and values along with any investment fund switches as may be required with an overview of financial markets and any relevant legislation changes.