Your Investment Review


Fundamental changes to the way Financial Service Advice is delivered in the UK, were implemented on the 1st January 2013 as a result of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR), with similar rules in Isle of Man coming into effect from 1st February 2014.

In essence, part of these far reaching changes relate to a greater focus on investment transparency, for both fund managers and financial advisers alike, especially with regard each parties associated charges and fees.

These changes may mean that many clients who hold historical investment planning contracts, could find that associated product and investment management charges, are higher than offered through a similar equivalent current investment product.

Furthermore Investment risk offered through existing investment may not be aligned with your current personal investment risk profile, this maybe for a number of reasons, such as:-

  • Change of personal circumstances since establishment of original investment
  • Recent or planned retirement
  • Changes in family health
  • Change in employment status
  • Or simply just a change in your personal attitude toward investment risk


At Hockney Stevens we recognise that each client circumstances is unique and different, just in order to be able to adequately review and comment on your existing investment portfolio, we would need to examine each existing investment in detail. Thus allowing us to establish if savings and or better performance can be achieved.

How does is work?

  • Arrange an initial meeting with Hockney Stevens at our expense, to review your current investment contracts and establish your current risk profile.
  • Complete the client instruction authority form for each existing investment.
  • We will then contact the existing investment manager to assess their true fees and performance.
  • Then analyse the information as detailed below and provide you with a review and comparison report.

What is the Investment Review & Comparison Report designed to examine?

Review & Comparison

In simple terms each existing investment will be examined in detail with regard the following key areas with appropriate comparison to current equivalent contracts:-

  • Review current contract charges and investment management charges against current equivalent.
  • Comparison of underlying fund performance and how this can be improved.
  • Compare suitability of existing investment when originally established versus suitability of investment in todays sophisticated investment markets.
  • Establish investments risk associated with existing investment and compare how this matches your current attitude towards investment risk, identifying and exploring any discrepancies.
Solution and Conclusion

Clear and concise comparison of existing investment contracts versus similar model.

What is risk profiling?

The Process

Designed to accurately reflect your personal attitude towards investment risk and ability to cope with any short term investment losses.

Solution and Conclusion

20 question assessment, designed to measure attitude and risk personality. The questions are based on the social science of psychometrics and have been created by Distribution Technology * (in association with Oxford Risk, and industry leading psychometric profiling company).


Provide a written risk profile report, identifying your current risk profile and examining this in detail, with explanation of the styles of investment which would best suit this profile.

  • How does the risk profile established, compare to funds currently invested
  • Report any mismatch and offer solutions
  • Provide you with the information to make an informed decision

Fees and Charges

  • We will tell you what the cost will be before you select our ‘Your Investment Review’ process
  • Our fees are simple and clear
  • You will have the option to accept our fees before any work is undertaken on your behalf