Your Lifestyle Financial Planning

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle Financial Planning is designed to help you understand, plan and achieve your most important personal ambitions and life objectives.

Working together with you, we will explore what is important to you in your life now, establish where you want to be in the future, design a lifestyle plan to help you achieve these goals and with careful and regular attention help you to maintain your plan and achieve your desired lifestyle.

Simple! Yes! – But very few financial Planners offer this valuable service.

The most important asset is your life, money is merely a commodity!

Although money is central to our lives; from birth to death it shapes the way we live, is ever present and will invariably have a bearing on most decisions we make, however, we only have one life and therefore our premise begins by understanding what your most essential objectives in life are, before formulating a financial plan.

Understanding the ‘why’ means achieving the ‘how’ is much clearer and personal to you!

How does Lifestyle Financial Planning work?

Simply, lifestyle financial planning is a process and can be broken down into three key phases:-


In this phase we start with an exploration of your current financial life with all the associated concerns and issues, through to the development of the vision of where you want to be and what is important in your life, this is a central part of the process.

Put simply this means we explore such topics as:-

  • When do you want to retire?
  • How much money do you need to retire in the manner to which you would like to become accustomed?
  • What plans do you have in retirement? Such as:
    • Go on a round the world cruise (or)
    • Purchase a holiday home overseas (or)
    • Help your children to start a business, or simply give your children a head start in life.. Etc

Throughout this phase we consider all of the financial resources available to you and create a plan that should fulfill the objectives that were established in the initial “Life Planning” phase.

Therefore in summary, this part of the process is understanding how the following will impact on your objectives and develop over time:-

  • Your current and future lifestyle expenditure
  • Your current and future assets and liabilities
  • How your assets will evolve over time
  • Reflect how your assets may impact on your future lifestyle. Such as:
    • Downsize property
    • Pension choices
    • Maturing Investments
  • Impact of inflation on your assets and income
  • Impact of investment returns on your assets

Together with you and through the use of some sophisticated financial planning software, we will help develop and implement a specifically tailored personal plan to help you meet and achieve your life objectives, which is not only clear and easy to understand but above all realistic and focused on you.


During this last and final phase we can discuss a range of solutions and outcomes, which will encompass financial products that will help fulfill the objectives that have been established within the ‘Life Planning’ and ‘Financial Planning’ Phases.

As an indication this would cover financial tools such as :-

  • Savings and Investments
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Protection
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Business and Succession Planning

Most financial advisers focus on the ‘products’ and not the ‘person’, we have found that by adopting the above approach and for those clients of ours who embrace the process, the results are often life changing.

Fees and Charges

  • We will inform you what the cost will be before you select our ‘Your Lifestyle Financial Planning Review’ process
  • You will have the option to accept our fees before any work is undertaken on your behalf
  • Our fees are simple and clear