Our fees explained

General Overview

Different services and indeed financial planning products offer different levels of costs and commissions, at Hockney Stevens our commitment to perspective clients is to ensure that all charges are fully transparent. Therefore all fees for advice, implementation and on-going reviews will be agreed in advance and in accordance to our Letter of Engagement

Introduction Meeting & Information Gathering

Initial non-obligatory introductory meeting and subsequently information gathering - Charged at Hockney Stevens Expense.

Engagement Letter

Following the introduction & information gathering meeting an engagement letter will be issued setting out the key financial planning requirements and schedule of our fees. No further work will be undertaken and no charges will be made until our terms of engagement have been accepted.

Advisor Charges

Our letter of engagement will set out our adviser charges for your approval:

Other Fees and Charges

Some other services offered can be complex and time consuming, such as Pension Transfers and associated advice, in these circumstances fees may be charged on an on-going hourly basis, which will be fully disclosed in our engagement letter and would be charged of the following basis:

  • Director or Chartered Financial Planner £250 per hour (or part thereof)
  • Financial Consultant £175 per hour
  • Administrator £100 per hour

As with all charges, these will be fully detailed in advance of any work being undertaken